• Storytelling has a shape

    It dominates the way we tell stories
    Whoever we are, for whatever purpose we tell them
    Wherever we are in the world

  • Into the Woods

    How can we use five-act structure to shape stories?
    Why do all stories function in a similar way?
    What does this tell us about human psychology?

  • Book and course based on decades of experience

    Writing, producing and teaching
    Directing and commissioning
    The best of UK TV drama

  • Guided learning pathway

    100 per cent online
    Flexible yet tightly structured study
    Active community of learners
    Multimedia materials

All you need to create the perfect story – in any format or genre

Online courses based on Into the Woods, the bestselling book on story structure. Developed with John Yorke, who is associated with some of the UK's most critically acclaimed and popular TV drama, from Shameless to Wolf Hall.

Develop your understanding of stories step-by-step.

Apply the principles to your own story idea and get feedback from John Yorke.

For anyone who tells stories professionally, from writers and editors to comms teams and business writers.

Find out more below and book a place.

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