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PWA course model

Learn by doing – where you want, when you want

We have developed and honed a method of teaching that is flexible, effective and relevant to adults anywhere in the world. PWA online courses are:

• Developed, managed and taught by experienced educators and subject specialists who have mastered the art of teaching face to face and online.

• Based on a step-by-step, linear approach appropriate for all levels, including for individuals with little or no experience of structured learning.

• Delivered in discrete learning chunks that focus first on developing key skills before adding to the knowledge through practical exercises and discussions.

• Effective at building an engaged community of learners who enjoy gaining new knowledge and applying it to a professional situation.

• Fun – learners can improve their skills without feeling constrained by a formal learning environment, if appropriate to the client.

• Cost effective for the client who can incrementally build, edit and adapt learning materials according to learners and corporate objectives.


Online course structure

Each course or module is made up of a number of sessions which may run over a specified time or be flexible. Each session is designed to be completed standalone or as part of a course and will have a specific learning outcome and an exercise for the learner to demonstrate they have achieved it.

The learning can be self-paced – students work through the materials at their own pace or within a flexible timeframe. A course normally runs over three or six months, with fortnightly sessions. The structure is consistent, easy to follow and comprises:

  • Introductory material – an introductory video lecture from a tutor or subject expert, with additional audio, video, examples of good and bad practice and recommended reading/watching resources relevant to the topic.
  • Assignments/exercises – designed for students to practise and demonstrate what they have learned. These range from short pieces of writing or reflection on real-life situations, to planning and information-gathering techniques using interactive, downloadable documents.
  • Discussion/critiquing/tests – this both enhances and consolidates learning; assignments/exercises are uploaded to a forum for consideration by and with fellow students who have completed the same topic. Workshop-style guided discussion takes place within clearly established guidelines and optional timeframes. This gives participants effective feedback on their work, and enables them to learn from conversations about other learners’ work. The tests enable an assessment of an individual’s learning.
  • Tutor feedback takes place at specified points in the learning journey and at the end. A variety of formats are used for feedback, including audio file, Skype session and chat room Q&A as well as written feedback.
  • Progress will be monitored, and queries addressed by a PWA moderator and subject specialist.
  • Evaluation 

Our virtual classroom is optimised for delivery over mobile devices for people who wish to learn on the move. The platform is infinitely scalable.

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