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What we do

We develop online courses, digital tools, enhanced e-books and mobile apps. Our tried-and-tested flexible learning model is built on nurturing an active community of learners with professional goals.

We specialise in teaching all kinds of people how to write, tell stories and communicate better:

  • for leisure, recreation and formal education
  • for professional development and organisational training
  • for businesses that want to increase impact.


We also work with partners to develop enjoyable, effective courses and bespoke training materials for any subject and audience, anywhere in the world.

How we teach

We have developed and honed a method of teaching that is flexible, effective and relevant to adults anywhere in the world. PWA courses are:

• Developed, managed and taught by experienced educators and subject specialists who have mastered the art of teaching face to face and online.

• Based on a step-by-step, linear approach appropriate for all levels, including for individuals with little or no experience of writing or formal learning.

• Delivered in discrete learning chunks that focus first on developing key skills before adding to the knowledge through practical exercises and discussions.

• Effective at building an engaged community of learners who enjoy gaining new knowledge and applying it to a professional situation.

• Fun – learners can improve their skills without feeling constrained by a formal learning environment, if appropriate to the client.

• Cost effective for the client who can incrementally build, edit and adapt learning materials according to learners and corporate objectives.

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