Photo of Tinder Press Publisher Mary-Anne Harrington

Tinder Press publisher and editor, Mary-Anne Harrington, popped into our online classroom to answer questions from our Faber Academy Alumni on book fairs, writing awards and the mistakes to avoid when editing your novel.

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Crime author Cal Moriarty wearing sunglasses

Editors, agents, drafting, prologues… There’s more to writing than just getting pen to paper, and that’s what new authors often have trouble with. Crime author Cal Moriarty dropped by to answer questions from the Faber Academy alumni.

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Dan Soule teaching while sitting down in a busy classroom

We often overlook the importance of good writing skills when it comes to journal articles and research papers. To introduce our new Writing for Academic Publication course, we spoke to course director Dr Dan Soule about why good writing is essential.

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All the Little Children author Jo Furniss

Jo Furniss, a student from our Introduction to Writing Crime Fiction course, has developed from aspiring writer to published author. Here, she discusses how learning online with Professional Writing Academy helped her land her dream book deal.

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Running Writing Groups course directors Victoria Field reading from her memoir Baggage

Writing groups have never been more popular, and therapeutic writing practitioner Victoria Field is an expert in how working together can help us extract our highest potential. Here, she introduces our new course, Running Writing Groups.

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What to do at a book fair

London Book Fair is a publishing trade event, so how welcoming is it to new writers? Publisher and novelist Tom Bromley has some tips on how to operate in the world of literary agents and publishers.

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Rupert Wallis

Young Adult fiction holds a huge corner of the literary market, and is only becoming more popular. In the first of two Q&A sessions, our Faber Academy Beginners’ Fiction students chat to author Rupert Wallis about point of view, structure and the ever-present dilemma of whether it’s a good idea to self-publish.

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USA Today bestselling author Heidi Rice is Course Director for Introduction to Writing Hot Romance

The first iteration of our Introduction to Writing Hot Romance course has just finished with great success. We thought we’d see what our tutor, romance author Heidi Rice, had to say about our unique approach to teaching people how to write.

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Belle Antoinette

Can writing hot romance be a business tool? Lingerie designer Kezia Venner, aka Belle Antoinette, turned to fiction to boost her sales. Our Introduction to Writing Hot Romance with Heidi Rice helped her tune in with her customers while boosting her confidence as a writer.

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Making your story treatment work

Jan 25, 2017

by Mo Harber-Lamond

In:Into the Woods, John Yorke

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In our exclusive forums students share their work, receive feedback, and can ask the tutors questions. A Storytelling for Screen (Drama) participant was having trouble perfecting the treatment for her script, and, as always, tutor Chelsea Morgan Hoffmann responded with some truly elucidating advice. Read on for a sneak peek of what students on the courses can expect.

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