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  • Broaden your writer's palette

    Learn genre conventions
    Experiment with key forms
    Write in new styles

Find your voice by trying out different styles and genres

Learn the conventions of different forms, from comedy, romance, crime and sci-fi to historical fiction and YA.

Experiment with different writing styles.

Get feedback from a small and supportive workshop of writers.

Cost: £495. Staged payment option.

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Find Your Writing Voice

11-week online course £495

What kind of writer are you? Expand your range as a writer and find your voice by exploring new genres of writing, including historical, romantic and comic fiction, crime, thrillers, YA (young adult) and science fiction.

Starts 25 September 2017, £495  Book your place now

One of those irritating things people say about writing is that you need to ‘find your voice’. But where do you start looking? Is it down the back of the sofa? Or do you need help to work out what the real writing ‘you’ is?

This is a ‘next steps’ course, designed to help you discover just that. It’s for writers who have done some writing or a beginner’s course and aren’t quite sure where to go next: you’ve learned a bit about how to write, but now comes the tricky part of what to write about.

This course gives you the opportunity to open yourself up to a wealth of ideas and styles to help expand your writing repertoire. It’s ideal preparation before committing yourself to a longer term project such as writing a novel. Or perhaps you are halfway through a novel and realise you need some more help or knowledge.

During the course, you will expand your range as a writer, and explore and experiment with different genres of writing, some of which you may not have considered before.

We believe that being a good writer is all about being a good reader. And in this course you’ll learn so much from reading authors and genres you’d usually avoid, including tips and techniques to apply to your own writing.

This is a journey through a variety of fiction genres, each of which will teach you lessons to take forward into whichever style you end up writing.


During the course you will:

  • Expand your range, both as a writer and a reader.
  • Discover new genres and writers you might not have encountered before.
  • Experiment with different writing styles and genres.
  • Understand the secrets that make each of the genres tick.
  • Adapt the skills of these different styles to use in your own writing.


Each week, the course focuses on a different genre – the comic novel, romantic fiction, crime, thrillers, science fiction, historical fiction and writing novels for young adults (YA).

You will read and discuss key writers in each style, and be given writing assignments to help you experiment in each genre. You should allow between 5–7 hours per week to complete the writing, reading and peer critiquing.

In the final session of the course, you choose to write a 2,000 word piece in one of these styles – either a short story or the opening chapter of a novel. For an additional fee of £120, you can have a written report on your final piece from the course tutor.

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Historical Fiction

Session 3: Romance

Session 4: Comic Fiction

Session 5: Crime (session lasts 2 weeks to include a reading week)

Session 6: Thrillers

Session 7: Young Adult

Session 8:  Science Fiction

Session 9: Writing time and final submission (lasts 2 weeks)

Use the username: taster
And the password: Genre.100

Is this the right course for you? Tutor Tom Bromley explains who will benefit.


£495  Book your place now


‘Tom is a superb tutor and this has been the most enjoyable and productive course.’

‘This course has helped me to find my voice again. It is really good to experiment with different genres and I have found it a challenge, albeit an exciting one.’

 ‘Great course, really planned well to cover elements of the genres we can use in all our writing. I am most grateful for Tom’s insight, encouragement and helpful suggestions for making my writing stronger.’

‘Without doing this course, I wouldn’t have the idea for a crime novel, so this is interesting territory for me (as was the sci-fi, which may also continue in stages over a longer time). I’m going to continue this crime novel now while finishing the first draft of my historical novel, which was the original reason I did the course – and I now have many more skills to do this.’

‘The course is really well thought out and I found it incredibly stimulating to have to consider the different genres. I loved having to read things I would not have ever considered and feel it has really helped me to extend my writing. Thanks to Tom for so many constructive and encouraging comments. I am going to miss the discipline of having to write to deadlines.’

‘Tom has been an excellent tutor: wise, astute and generous in his support and encouragement of us all. He also gave us the wonderful gift of a precise set of tools with which to proceed. The whole experience has been very instructive.’

‘Thanks to everyone in the group for such insightful critiques. I’ve been working with lots of other writers on various projects over the last three years and thought the standard was really high on this course. It helped me a great deal to the extent that I’m thinking you can never stop learning in this game. A course or training event every 18 months or so seems an ideal way to keep on your toes, raise your game and stay out of the lonely one-trackedness writing can otherwise sometimes push you into. Tom has an incredibly wide-ranging knowledge of fiction and genre writing and we are lucky to have had such a great tutor – I’ve found his help invaluable.’

‘I plan to stay in touch with everyone after the course finishes. It has been a really valuable experience – everyone writes so well and has been so perceptive with their critiques.’

£495  Book your place now