Lucy Cooper


Lucy Cooper is a writer and editor. She has over a decade’s experience working with stories – as a journalist, magazine editor, creative copywriter, developmental editor, teacher and workshop leader.

A long-time lover of folktales, fairytales and myth, Lucy has studied The Hero’s Journey with the Joseph Campbell Foundation at Esalen, California; Siberian folktales, ethnology and myth at Schumacher College, Dartmoor; and recently completed a year-long programme at the School of Myth with Dr Martin Shaw (award-winning author of the mythteller trilogy).

Lucy is the author of the latest in the best-selling Element Encyclopedia series, The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies (HarperCollins, 2014). She also enjoys writing short stories and has performed her work at various events, including Port Eliot Festival. She has an MA in Professional Writing.


Read widely. Write from your heart. Take long walks. Re-read. Re-write. Repeat.

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