Sarah Farley

Learning experience manager

Sarah used to run a scuba diving school in the Caribbean, but gave it up to follow the dream: being a writer. She has an MA in Professional Writing and is an experienced business writer and editor.

Drawing on her years of experience in customer service and business, she’s written stories and developed digital content for major brands, and has helped develop and nurture online learning communities. She loves working on unusual creative projects and is a D&AD Writing for Design award winner for collaborative writing project, From Home to Home and for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Postal Services — a unique letter exchange where children can write to and receive replies from fictional monsters.

A technically minded content strategist, Sarah helps us to continually develop our online classroom and works alongside our tutors to create our courses. Inside the classroom, she moderates courses and facilitates discussions among students to help make your learning experience fun, interesting and engaging.


Read your writing aloud. You’ll feel the rhythm and pace of the piece and immediately know which words work and which ones don’t. And if you run out of breath halfway through a sentence, it’s time to do a bit of chopping.