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Individual Feedback on your writing – two reports


If you have completed one of our courses, you can choose to receive individual, detailed written feedback notes on one or more of your final submissions from one of your course tutors.

It costs £120 for one report and if you choose to take two we offer a £30 discount, bringing the total cost to £210 for two reports. You can mix-and-match your submissions. For example, you may choose to receive reports on two short stories or choose to receive one on a short story and one on a novel.

The short story report looks at your use of the aspects of narrative you have studied in the course (character, setting, point-of-view and so forth), as appropriate, and also at your ideas, your writing style – and what you might do next to improve further.

The novel report feeds back on the way in which you have used the various narrative elements to establish an interesting and convincing storyworld, and looks at your ideas for the remainder of the novel (as detailed in your synopsis), including ways in which you might build reader’s interest and encourage them to continue reading. There will be advice on what your next step should be, and whether you are now ready to progress to the Faber Academy’s Writing a Novel (online) course.

The screenwriting report by David Roden assesses your work for all the techniques you have absorbed through the course – five-act structure, inciting incident, midpoint, turning points, scene-by-scene change and so on – as well as how engaging your protagonist and setting is. David also gives notes on the likely reception your idea might get from script execs and where to take your story next.

For details of how to submit your writing, please email Sarah Farley at

If you’d like a report on just one piece of writing please follow this link.