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Manuscript Review Service: Ask the experts for feedback on your writing


Do you want advice or a second opinion about a script or synopsis? Send it our way for a review. Our reviewers are published authors, literary editors, playwrights and writing tutors with a track record in their industry, from screenwriting to fantasy, travel writing to non-fiction.

We will match you up with an expert in your field who will read your submission and offer constructive criticism of your storyline and structure, character development, themes and writing style. The report will suggest practical ways to remedy elements that don’t quite work and indicate how you might develop your ideas further. You will also receive a market assessment.

How to submit your work

Please send us your synopsis plus up to five chapters of your book (or the first hour of your screenplay or radio play).

We cannot accept submissions by email, nor can we print out attachments. Please print it out and send by post – email us at info@profwritingacademy.com for the address or for instructions if you are sending from outside the UK.