david roden

Script mentoring: customised support to help you develop your story


All writers and their scripts are unique so we can customise our mentoring as appropriate to suit your idea and working style.

Our approach will focus on helping you identify the elements of story outlined in John Yorke’s book Into the Woods and shaping them to make your script compelling and appealing.

How it works

Initially we have a chat via email so we can find out more about your script (genre, number of pages/minutes and so on) together with what aspects you’d like to focus on in particular (ie an area of writing, structure, characterisation, etc), and what you plan to submit when, agreeing dates.

Then you send David Roden (or another script professional selected by our team) your agreed submission (e.g. a script for a feature) by email. You might choose to send your work in batches or to send the whole script. Your mentor will read and write detailed notes on your work and email them to you. Once you’ve thought them over, you’ll chat with your mentor on Skype about each batch sent to discuss his or her thoughts and your reactions. You can follow up with email queries.

Once you have redrafted your script, your mentor will read it one final time and provide further notes on areas to consider and where to take it next.

Many students then choose to engage their mentor for further feedback sessions (for an additional fee), working either on the same script or on a treatment, to get the structure of an idea working before proceeding to a full-length script.

How to submit your work

Please email us a brief description of what help you are looking for so we can get in touch to discuss the project and possible mentors. Our email is info@profwritingacademy.com. Please put Script Mentoring as the subject line.