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Would you like to complement and expand your services by offering online learning? Whatever your business, we can work with you to develop online courses that meet your needs.

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Who we are

PWA is a premium online course development and delivery service with a unique platform used by companies including Faber Academy, John Yorke Story and Cornerstones literary consultancy.

Our platform has been developed specifically for the delivery of creative, communications and story-focused courses for professional and personal development and for recreational learning. Around 90% of students who start our online courses complete them.

If you are running on-site courses and would like to expand your customer reach, increase accessibility and find a new revenue stream, we can help.

Who we work with

  • Businesses and organisations
    We can help your team or your customers to develop their research, writing, storytelling and communication skills. We can offer informal learning or support in-house CPD, by matching courses to your requirements and learners’ level and availability. 
  • Education providers
    If you teach students in a face-to-face classroom and want to reach more learners in more locations around the world, we can help you devise and deliver courses online or as blended learning.
  • Product and service providers
    If you want to complement and support your products and services with online courses, or expand your product offering to include online training, we can partner with you to develop and run online courses tailored to your brand and customer needs.

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  • An online classroom and learning model designed by writers to teach writing and storytelling for recreational or professional purposes. (If you want courses in astrophysics or cookery we’re not the people for you.)
  • Carefully planned course materials that we can adapt for different learners and organisations, specific learning aims, and course outcomes. (If you want to know how to write for astrophysicists or chefs we can help.)
  • A team of course designers, tutors and moderators who are all established professional writers and storytellers as well as gifted online teachers (a surprisingly elusive combination). We also have a network of inspirational writing, editing, publishing and TV/film professionals whose specialist advice means each course we create is right for its intended audience.
  • Our detailed understanding of the theories and methods of teaching writing online (known as pedagogy), and best practices to follow to make sure students achieve the best results. Our approach is based on years of teaching in both academic and professional settings and has turned out thousands of satisfied and skilled writers.
  • Individual learning reports at the end of each course, which you can use to evaluate learning, assign credits and measure impact.
  • Amazing value for money. Compare the hourly cost of sending someone on a one-day workshop — including course fee, travel expenses and covering time out of the office — with one of our courses.
  • Learning that sticks. People learn to write best when building knowledge one step at a time and practising new skills over a number of weeks with fellow learners. That’s why we design all our online writing courses to run in small groups with plenty of time to practice, read and discuss.

We have a growing database of digital learning materials, which we use to create customised courses to meet your needs.

You can choose:

  • Full partnership and teaching service
    License our online classroom and course content; we’ll build you a private, branded space and manage and teach the courses for you.
  • Classroom-only service
    License our online classroom and learning format, with your branding and populate it with your own content to manage and teach yourself.
  • Customised in-house courses
    Work with us to co-develop course content that meets your needs, delivered in a branded virtual classroom.
  • Blended learning
    Let us create online courses to dovetail with face-to-face workshops or live events to enhance your existing learning.
  • Block bookings
    We offer discounts for bookings of five or more people on any course

Because we treat each partnership and course differently, we’ll discuss your needs in detail before giving you a quote based on what you need us to do and how you want us to work.

There are a good many reasons to love working with Christina and Susy and the PWA team – they’re prompt, technically great, efficient, ever so nice – but it’s the course creation/curation side of things that really puts them head and shoulders above. They have a perfect balance of experience and innovation mindset, with great dollops of empathy for students and passion for the subject at hand. They’ve listened to me and challenged me; together we’ve put together a superb suite of courses that hit my customer base dead on. I couldn’t recommend PWA more highly, simply put.

Ian Ellard, Director Faber Academy

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