About us

About the Professional Writing Academy

We’re an online education company and we specialise in teaching writing and storytelling — for professional or personal development, for publication or just for fun.

We were the first online learning company to focus exclusively on teaching writing, and our tutors have developed a way of teaching that inspires and engages as well as imparting professional discipline and focus.

We teach online because we love it. Watching new writing talent grow as stories take shape under our guardianship is a privilege. We believe that learning to write and use narrative should be accessible to everyone — no matter who you are, where you are, or what your starting point.

Our courses are designed by writers for writers. We develop them using our:

  • Experience of the most effective ways of teaching writing online
  • Digital expertise and knowledge of the latest learning technologies
  • Flexible learning model that nurtures writers in small groups
  • Knowledge of the professional, commercial and leisure opportunities available to effective writers and storytellers

All our classes are based on the workshop/seminar model used to teach writing in universities up to Masters-level. Our workshops and assignments are designed to challenge and push you, but there’s no formal pass or fail; we help you take your writing to the next level.

The Professional Writing Academy experience is very different to the massive online courses that are open to an unlimited number of students. Our approach is personal and supportive, yet rigorous and hard work. Our carefully selected team of tutors, moderators and mentors are not only expert writers but expert teachers. It is a rare breed that can do both well.

Our thousands of active students and thriving alumni community are testament to the fact that we offer a high quality, great value-for-money experience and a warm personal service.