PWA is a premium online training development and delivery service.

We’re used by organisations from publishers to lawyers, broadcasters to SMEs, and universities to software developers.

Whether you’re looking for bespoke training for your team, or want to move into online course delivery, we can help you.


Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll find a way to get you there.

Bespoke corporate training

We offer a repeatable, scalable model that'll help you deliver a bespoke or turnkey portfolio of online training with impact.

We work hard to engage your employees and keep remote teams united around shared objectives, with practical creative skills that enhance group working, staff retention and problem-solving, and encourage leadership.

Offer online training

Whether it’s a live online workshop or series of training courses, we can help you get your resources online.

Perhaps you're keen to include education experiences in your product range to extend your reach, or maybe you already offer online learning but want to upgrade the experience to enhance engagement. View our brochure to see our tailored options.

[The PWA team] have a perfect balance of experience and innovation mindset, with great dollops of empathy for students and passion for the subject at hand. They’ve listened to me and challenged me; together we’ve put together a superb suite of courses that hit my customer base dead on.

– Ian Ellard, former Head of Faber Academy


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