Christina Bunce


Christina Bunce is a writer, educator and academic with experience of university teaching, online learning and digital content strategy and production.

She has developed stories in many forms: as a journalist, author, magazine editor, digital content producer, online community builder — and nurse.

Inspired by the potential of technology to increase accessibility to learning for people at all levels and from all walks of life, Christina has been developing new ways of teaching writing for 15 years.

Before founding the Professional Writing Academy with Susannah Marriott, Christina devised, produced and managed online and face-to-face university undergraduate and postgraduate courses in writing, as well as apps and ebooks — all the time keeping a close eye on how the industry was changing and building a network of industry-connected advisors and talented tutors.

She’s had an eclectic career, but her focus has always been on helping people tap into their inner resources to achieve the best they can — from staying alive to escaping a dull career, to publishing a bestseller.

She considers herself fortunate to work with an amazing group of people, all established writers in their field who share that most elusive of abilities: the skills and desire to nurture talent.

World first

Led the development of the world’s first online Masters degree in writing.

Nighttime writer

Wrote her first short story in the middle of the night while running a milking parlour.


Be brave. Take risks and don’t be afraid to step into uncharted territory.

What Susannah Marriott, PWA director, says about Christina

I met Christina on a Thursday lunchtime. By the following Wednesday she had me lecturing a group of 30 writing students and writing an MA module in non-fiction. That’s testament to her dynamism, inspiration and sheer life force. Christina is one of the few real visionaries I’ve met (most of the others have lived in caves in the Himalayas). Her ability to spot a new idea, to pick up on a person with potential, to pinpoint a new way of thinking about a subject is uncanny. In the office we joke about her psychic powers (don’t try to cover up a pregnancy or an affair when you work with her).

More impressive is the way she turns that instinctive insight into a pioneering product, a new way of reaching people around the world, or a unique delivery method. She’s shown that over and again, from her early work creating online communities in the 90s dotcom boom to her pioneering work at universities running groundbreaking programmes that genuinely widened participation and brought top quality professional development to students and small businesses alike. She’s one of the most generous people I know, huge fun to work with, and committed to making a difference in the world of writing and beyond. Our company motto, ‘We only work with good people’, starts with Christina.