Claire Maguire


For 20 years Claire has worked in television and on radio both in Ireland and in Britain. She started working with BBC Watchdog, SM:tv and CD:uk before crossing the waters to take up with the production team for Ireland AM and Open House. She enjoyed her time working on the small screen and taking on various roles as a researcher, writer, editor, interviewer and reporter. She’s been fortunate to interview such varied personalities through the years from the world of politics, entertainment, health and industry. Claire’s monthly opinion column with Inspire Magazine gave her the opportunity to use her voice and to offer new and alternative ideas concerning health and living. She runs a private yoga school where she promotes well being through postures, meditation and writing.

For 10 years Claire was a firm fixture on the air waves presenting the news on Today FM and Newstalk, Ireland’s national radio stations. It was there she worked as a broadcast and multimedia journalist. She also spent time as a producer on the Sunday Business Show before moving into education.

In 2014 Claire joined Dublin City University and began lecturing with the internationally acclaimed ‘Centre For Talented Youth’, a high achievers academic programme for under 18s. She has designed and created key academic programmes for the university and has lectured in the classroom and online covering a wide variety of courses, including Creative Writing, Popular Literature, Journalism, Novel Writing, Script Writing and Film Studies.


Writing lends us all the opportunity to unburden and resolve issues within ourselves. You will never be alone in this world once you write. And to write regularly is to live in optimum health.