Danielle Charles


Danielle is a freelance writer and editor based in the American Midwest. With a background in natural health and over ten years of experience in the culinary industry, she especially loves projects that fuse her passions for food, wellness and the written word.

She holds an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University and has worked with a variety of design agencies and independent clients across the US and UK. Her work has been published in Taproot Magazine, Kindred Magazine and The Simple Things, amongst others.

She resides on a small farm in Northern Michigan where she and her husband raise Indian runner ducks, a mishmash of hens, heirloom apples and two rescued Italian greyhounds.


Write out what your main character wants on a small sticky note, using one or two words at most (i.e. acceptance, forgiveness, adventure). Stick this somewhere you can easily see while you write, making sure that all of your character’s actions are motivated by that one simple desire. It can serve as your compass and keep you on track.

(Note: in non-fiction, this can easily be translated by expressing what your reader wants to experience through your work. Make everything revolve around fulfilling that desire.)

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