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Emily Barr is the author of 14 novels, including the Young Adult novels The One Memory of Flora Banks, published by Penguin in January 2017, and The Truth and Lies of Ella Black, published in January 2018.

She started her career as a journalist but her heart was never in it, and she was delighted when she managed to get commissioned to go backpacking for a year and write a travel column. While travelling, she started to write Backpack, her first novel, and it was followed by eleven more psychological thrillers, all published by Headline.

In 2013 she went to Svalbard in the Arctic with a novel in her head. That became The One Memory of Flora Banks, her first YA novel, which attracted universal interest from publishers before being pre-empted by Penguin.

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Don’t be afraid to write a bad first draft. That’s the worst your book is ever going to be: from then on you are making it better.

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