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Road test your writing by asking the experts for feedback on your novel or script

Do you want advice or a second opinion about a manuscript or synopsis? Send it our way for a review. Our reviewers are published authors, literary editors, playwrights and writing tutors with a track record in their industry, from screenwriting to fantasy, travel writing to non-fiction.

We‘ll match you with an expert in your field who’ll read your submission and offer constructive criticism of your storyline and structure, character development, themes and writing style.

Manuscript Review

Manuscript reviews start from £665 + VAT (where applicable) for reading and reviewing up to 70,000 words, depending on what you need and who you choose to work with.

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If you’ve completed the first draft of your script, or the first few chapters of a novel, our manuscript reviewers can give you an honest review and practical advice on how to move your work on. We’ll pair you with an expert on your chosen genre and field of writing who will review your manuscript and give you a detailed report, together with a follow-up call, or Skype chat, to answer your questions.

It’s suitable if you:

  • Have completed the first few chapters of a novel or short story collection and want to know how to complete your book
  • Have completed a treatment, scene by scene or the first draft of a screen, stage or radio play and want to know if it’s ready to send to agents
  • Haven’t quite finished your first draft, but are almost there and want advice on whether it’s going in the right direction and what you need to do to finish it
  • Feel your manuscript is ready to send out, but need guidance on writing a synopsis and cover letter ready for submitting to agents
  • Want honest advice from a supportive reviewer who understands your challenges because they once faced them themselves

We tailor our manuscript review service to your writing and what you’re hoping to achieve. We start by understanding what you’re working on and the challenges you’re facing. We can do this over email or a phone call.

We then recommend the best reviewer for your writing. This will usually be a writer or editor who works in the same field of writing as you, and who has the experience, knowledge and insight to give you clear feedback on your writing.

They’ll read your manuscript and send you a detailed written report, suggesting practical ways to remedy elements that don’t quite work and indicating how you might develop your ideas further. You will also receive a market assessment and have the chance for a follow-up call, or Skype chat, with your reviewer.

Flexible reviews

Although our reviews are typically for manuscripts of up to 70,000 words, we can adapt our quotes depending on what you’re writing and how many words you have.

Manuscript reviews start from £665 + VAT for reading and reviewing up to 70,000 words, depending on what you need and who you choose to work with.

Please email us a brief description of your manuscript and what you’d like help with and a telephone number so we can call you to discuss possible reviewers. We’ll then give you a quote together with payment options, so you can choose the best approach for your needs and budget.

What our students say...

A good mentor is someone who can be a sounding board, a warning bell and a beacon of hope all at once. I worked on my novel All These Perfect Strangers with Tom Bromley and found his advice invaluable. His words of wisdom and knowledge of the craft have made me a better writer.

Aoife Clifford

What our students say...

Tom has been an excellent mentor: wise, astute and generous in his support and encouragement. He has also given the wonderful gift of a precise set of tools with which to proceed. The whole experience has been very instructive.


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