Achieve your writing goals by working with a mentor who’ll guide you every step of the way as you complete your novel or script

Are you working on a novel, short story collection, script or screenplay? Do you need help to bring it over the finish line? Or perhaps you’re ready to find an agent and need help with marketing and social media? Get advice from a professional who knows your genre and field of writing from the inside.

Our mentoring service gives you ongoing support while you work on your manuscript. We’ll partner you with a writer or editor who knows your genre or field inside and out, whether you’re writing a novel, screenplay, memoir, comedy script, copywriting project or any other form of writing. You’ll get regular feedback as you progress, answers to your questions and support at every step.


Mentorship starts from £360 + VAT (where applicable) per session, depending on what you need, who you'll be working with and how long you'll be working with them.

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If you’re working through your first draft our tutors can help you overcome common problems and develop your craft skills, voice and writing process as you work towards a full manuscript or final edit.

It’s suitable if you:

  • Have started a novel or short story collection and hit a wall or can’t get through the tricky middle section
  • Can’t quite crack your voice or point of view
  • Are stuck with the plotting, structure or alternating strands and stories
  • Need guidance on writing a synopsis and cover letter ready for submitting to agents
  • Are looking for support as you develop your author brand and start marketing yourself on social media
  • Want to work with a friendly and supportive mentor who understands your challenges because they once faced them themselves

Mentorship is a partnership, so we tailor our service to your needs. We start by understanding what you’re working on, the challenges you’re facing and what you want to achieve with your writing. We can do this over email or a phone call.

We then recommend the best mentor for you. This will usually be a writer or editor who works in the same genre or field of writing as you, and who has the experience, knowledge and empathy to help you reach your goals.

Mentoring typically takes place over 12 months. After an initial discussion with your mentor, you’ll have six consultations with them as you develop your work over the year to timings that work for you. In each session you’ll receive detailed written notes on each batch of your writing of up to 15,000 words, plus up to an hour on Skype to discuss your work.

Together, you might choose to focus on your storyline or structure, work on specific techniques or generally polish your writing and push towards the end of a book or script.

Flexible mentorships

Although mentoring typically lasts 12 months, we can adapt timings depending on your needs and how fast/slow or long/short you are writing.

You may prefer to work with a mentor over nine, six or four months. You can also pay-as-you-go per session to spread the cost.

Mentorship starts from £360 (plus VAT) per session, depending on what you need, who you’ll be working with and how long you’ll be working with them.

Please email us a brief description of your project and what you’d like help with and a telephone number so we can call you to discuss the project and possible mentors. We’ll then give you a quote together with payment options, so you can choose the best approach for your needs and budget.

In one of our student’s words

The Professional Writing Academy provided me with an opportunity that I could never have hoped to dream of before starting to write my novel. On completion of the excellent Writing a Novel course with Tom Bromley, I was faced with a dilemma. I could carry on by myself and yet I knew that I needed something more, words of advice and guidance, a professional voice that could spot the pitfalls and twists of plot and pace and narrative. Another eye to throw illumination on the story and help me achieve a novel that I could feel that I had given my best shot; a mentor.

A few names were touted. Some of my work was sent to each, and then I was offered the unbelievable chance to work with Paul Kingsnorth. I have learnt and am still learning so much. I cannot recommend the process enough. It’s all so easy. I prepare each submission and send it off. Paul looks over it and supplies me with a breakdown and brief commentary on the material. A follow-up call is arranged and chat about thoughts on the recommendations and the direction of the novel.

The process provides such clarity and has led to moments of epiphany where everything I’ve looked at with Paul makes sense. I can identify the where and the what and the how that is necessary to make the story stronger. Now nearing the completion of my novel, I can see a real improvement in my writing. A huge thank you to PWA and Paul for this opportunity, and I can’t recommend it enough to all those serious about writing.


What our students say...

A good mentor is someone who can be a sounding board, a warning bell and a beacon of hope all at once. I worked on my novel All These Perfect Strangers with Tom Bromley and found his advice invaluable. His words of wisdom and knowledge of the craft have made me a better writer.

Aoife Clifford

What our students say...

Tom has been an excellent mentor: wise, astute and generous in his support and encouragement. He has also given the wonderful gift of a precise set of tools with which to proceed. The whole experience has been very instructive.


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