Looking for the alumni area?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve revamped the Professional Writing Academy Alumni Community to build on the online campus experience after your course finishes: continuing discussions with your group, revisiting your course materials, meeting and learning from other writers and being a part of a hive mind of over 7000 authors with all sorts of expertise and experience.

The current alumni area will close on 21 December 2023, but all the content will be migrated to the new area, so you’ll still have access to all your course materials from your course, plus a private forum where you’ll be able to continue to keep in touch with your group. All the discussions within your current private group area will also be transferred.


Monthly Q&As with authors, agents and editors

Monthly networking sessions to meet fellow alumni

Dedicated genre-focused forums e.g. crime writing, fantasy, romance

Weekly sit and write sessions

Monthly workshops focusing on writing technique and key skills (for an additional fee)


Access to the alumni area is free of charge for the first six months. 


What you need to do now

If you’d like to be part of the new alumni area and retain access to your course materials.

Click on the button button below to join the new alumni area and get started! You’ll be prompted to reset your password.

Join the new alumni area.



How to access the new alumni area

If you have any problems logging in, use the reset password link



If you don’t want to join the new alumni area and you no longer want access to your course materials

Click on the link below and we’ll delete your account.

Delete my account.


If you have any questions about the alumni area upgrade, just get in touch: [email protected]