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Dr Daniel Soule

Daniel Soule

Dr Daniel Soule is the director of The Research Writer, a training organisation specialising in supporting academic researchers as they write and publish.

Dan has 10 years experience of academic and research-writing training in universities and other research institutions, and has helped thousands of postgraduates and research staff write complex documents including research articles, theses and dissertations for academic, lay and popular audiences.

Dan received his PhD from the University of Glasgow and has been both a research fellow for at a multi-university research consortia as well as a lecturer for more than five years at Glasgow Caledonian University. He now works in universities, clinical and research settings across the UK, Ireland and Norway, including Russell Group universities and national graduate Schools.

He’s both a published researcher, with a monograph and research papers, as well as a creative writer, with many short stories, poems and non-fiction essays and reviews.

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