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Maria Dmitriev

Maria Dmitriev

Maria is a folk singer and songwriter from the UK.

Her main interest in music lies in the storytelling aspect of song. She’s inspired by strange characters, playful plotlines and the sound of words. Most recently she released her Lo-fi debut album titled ‘Lullaby Demos’, which explores the importance of stories and myth-weaving in the modern day and age.

Although her main artistic medium is music, she also writes poetry, embroiders and hosts an independent podcast series on ‘Know Wave’ which investigates crossroads between music and literature. She is currently working on her first studio recorded EP.

Maria holds an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature from University College London (UCL). Her topic areas of interest include; gender studies, fantasy film, Russian Silver Age poetry, folk stories, Ancient Myths, Roman love poetry, 20th century French Literature and Literary Criticism. She is just about to start her Master’s degree in Gender, Society and Representation at UCL.

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