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Sabine Marschner

Sabine Marschner

Sabine Marschner studied English and French literature at university. For a couple of years she worked as a product manager in publishing but wasn’t happy that her creative impulses had few outlets. So, she struck out on her own, working in the production office of a large commercial musical theatre and writing texts for a marketing agency, with a detour into selling organic groceries along the way.

Currently, Sabine works as a fundraiser for an NGO with projects in Africa, East and Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Although Sabine was born and raised in Germany, for some reason she can’t quite explain, the English language has always been close to her heart.

Sabine loves studying via online courses because it brings her into contact with people she’d never have met otherwise. She has completed Faber Academy’s Work in Progress and Professional Writing Academy’s Writing Romance courses. She’s currently at work on her first crime novel with the working title Dead Chic.

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