Victoria Field

Course director

Victoria Field works as a writer in a variety of genres and is a pioneer in the world of poetry therapy. She has won prizes for her fiction, poetry, drama and creative non-fiction and has been commissioned for BBC Radio 3 and 4. Her latest book is an acclaimed memoir, Baggage – A Book of Leavings published by Francis Boutle in 2016.


Her latest poetry collection, The Lost Boys won the Holyer an Gof Award for Poetry and Drama.

First in the UK

She’s the first person in the UK to qualify as a Mentor-Supervisor with the International Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy.


She’s a previous writer-in-residence at Truro Cathedral and her latest play, BENSON, explores the strange family dynamics of its first bishop.


Keep a day book where you write down everything as you go – from dreams, shopping lists, memories, aspirations, drafts of poems, titles of songs, creating what WB Yeats called a ‘rag and bone shop of the heart’ – a rich source of ideas for formal writing.

Victoria’s books