What people say

 Introduction to Therapeutic and Reflective Writing course

The first online course I’ve ever done turns out to be the best writing course I’ve ever done (and I’ve done lots of brilliant ones). Created and taught by Anne Taylor and Victoria Field, the Introduction to Reflective and Therapeutic Writing is a rich and varied adventure into personal archaeology and cartography. You will dig deep. You will travel far. You will find your pen knows its way. You will uncover your questions. You will uncover the questions behind your questions. You may well find some answers — to private and professional conundrums, and to creative ones. You will cover journal writing, biblio-poetry therapy, writing the self, reflective writing, metaphor, coaching, writing in groups — and you will create a new future. You will enjoy the detailed, insightful and empathetic feedback of your tutors and your peers. Be prepared to be stimulated, surprised, self-sabotaged, side-blinded — and supported. Highly recommended!

Jon Sayers, Chair, Magma Poetry Magazine; Vice Chair, The Poetry Society Board of Trustees

Writing for Academic Publication course

Dr Dan Soule has been working with the University of Stirling for a number of years. Dan provides our research staff and students with inspiring courses on academic writing, and feedback has been consistently high. I have been extremely happy with the quality of training provided by Dan, and have therefore consciously included him in our development programmes for over eight years. I would highly recommend Dan as a really high quality, engaging and effective trainer.

Katharine Reibig, Researcher Development Policy Officer at University of Stirling

Writing a Novel course and mentoring service

A good mentor is someone who can be a sounding board, a warning bell and a beacon of hope all at once. I worked on my novel All These Perfect Strangers with Tom Bromley and found his advice invaluable. His words of wisdom and knowledge of the craft have made me a better writer.

Aoife Clifford, author of All These Perfect Strangers

Work in Progress course

I couldn’t recommend the Professional Writing Academy, Faber Academy and Tom Bromley highly enough. Not only have they taught me how to improve my writing, but the supportive community of fellow writers and the feedback they give is absolutely amazing.

Katherine Debona, author of The Girl in the Shadows

Introduction to Therapeutic and Reflective Writing course

I don’t think I have ever looked forward to Mondays so much in my life.

I found the Therapeutic and Reflective Writing course to be of so much interest and value. Interesting because I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of mechanisms for accessing those things that lie somewhere within me. Of value because I now have an amazing resource to draw on for whenever I feel the need for self-exploration.

So the whole business about Mondays — Monday, as the opening day of each new session held special meaning and felt like a portal into deeper knowledge and understanding.

Sue Baker

Writing a Novel: the first 15,000 online course

Don’t worry about the feedback, it is daunting at the start but I have done three Faber Academy online courses now all with different groups of people and only ever found them to be positive. Even when something doesn’t quite work for a reader, the worst you will get is a ‘Sorry that didn’t quite work for me because…’ or ‘I was a little lost in the narration when the story jumped from A – B I got confused.’ I’ve only ever found it helpful and has enabled me to strengthen weak points in my story.