At a challenging time for mental health, the Professional Writing Academy is very excited to be launching a new venture, harnessing the benefits of therapeutic writing and creativity to support mental wellbeing. 

Writing is a great tool for making sense of what’s happening in our lives, from personal diaries to letters, from work emails to shopping lists and social media. And we all do it, we are all writers.

WriteWell is the world’s first online community about tuning into the power writing and creativity have to bring perspective and fresh insight, particularly in difficult times. It’s about adding new simple but effective strategies to your wellbeing and recovery toolkit. 

Although writing is not therapy in itself, a rapidly growing body of robust scientific research (see here) shows that writing has a powerful impact on mental health – whether it be called expressive or reflective writing, journaling, creative or life writing, bibliotherapy, curative writing or poetry therapy. And being part of a learning community is a daily reminder that none of us are in this alone.


Choose from simple and effective activities, suitable whatever your writing experience or background:

  • Quick quizzes, creative prompts and tasters to get you started
  • Long and short wellbeing courses in small groups, led by a guide
  • Live events and Q&As with writing and wellbeing experts
  • Monthly book groups
  • Regular writing challenges
  • Rich library of audio, visual and reading resources to inspire and support

Subscribe for £9 a month to gain access to the WriteWell Community

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