Alumni Publishing Deals

We know that success means something different for every writer who joins one of our courses.

It could mean a traditional publishing deal. But it could also mean finding the courage to share your stories for the first time, or learning a skill that makes a practical difference at work or in academia.

While not every writer strives for publication, we feel that the number who have gone on to publish is testament to the quality of our courses and the brilliant team of tutors who nurture and support each new participant who walks through our virtual doors.

Below are just a few examples of our alumni who have gone on to publish. 

Joanna Cannon
The Trouble With Goats and Sheep (2016)
The Borough Press, Harper Collins

Course: Writing a Novel
Blog: Why I write


Aoife Clifford
All These Perfect Strangers (2016)
Simon & Schuster UK

 Course: Writing a Novel

 I took a rough plot outline to the Faber Academy Writing a Novel online course with the brilliant Tom Bromley. By the end of the seven months I had learnt so much and managed to complete a rough first draft.

Joanna Cannon, bestselling author and fellow Faber Academy alumna, tweeted about the Richard and Judy competition and I immediately applied. Getting shortlisted meant the world to me. 

Asia Mackay

Jo Furniss
The Trailing Spouse (2018)
Lake Union Publishing

Course: Writing Crime Fiction
Blog: How an online writing course shaped my novel 

 I felt that the Writing Crime Fiction course could give me some useful lessons on structure and pacing. The course shaped The Trailing Spouse in one very dramatic way, by giving me a new character who demanded her own story to be told! So, the novel went from a single protagonist to a dual narration.

Jo Furniss

The Faber Academy Writing a Novel course is very much a part of how I bridged the gap between aspiring to write a novel and actually writing one. 

Reading others’ novel ideas, sharing my own, and exchanging reactions—all of this made the writing process feel like a shared adventure.

Keziah Frost

Helen Batten
The Scarlet Sisters (2015)
Ebury Press, Penguin Random House

Course: Writing a Novel


CS Savage
Lead Me Home (2018)
Bloodhound Books

Course: Writing a Novel

In that month, not only did I discover the lead character of my book, but also a trusted friend and a wonderful tutor who have encouraged me every step of the way. I went on to do another online course with Faber Academy, which resulted in a fully-fledged manuscript that I felt was better than anything I had written before.

Katherine Slee

Niki Mackay
I, Witness (2018)

Course: Writing a Novel

Katherine Slee
For Emily (2020)

Course: Writing a Novel
Article: Orion snaps up debut by ‘future star’ Slee


A good mentor is someone who can be a sounding board, a warning bell and a beacon of hope all at once. I worked on my novel All These Perfect Strangers with Tom Bromley and found his advice invaluable. His words of wisdom and knowledge of the craft have made me a better writer.

Aoife Clifford

Hannah Persaud
The Codes of Love (2020)
Muswell Press

Course: Getting Started and Writing A Novel

In 2015 I decided to do the Getting Started Faber course, in a last-ditch attempt to pursue my dream to become a writer. I hadn’t ever written any fiction. The course was amazing and gave me the confidence to hope that if I worked hard enough at it there might be a chance for me. I loved writing more than I thought I would. 

Hannah Persaud