Stephanie Rouse

Stephanie Rouse

Living part of the year in mainland Greece and part in England, online study with Faber Academy was the perfect solution for Steph Rouse who wrote the first 15,000 words of her novel, Hellingly, while on the Faber Academy Writing a Novel:the first 15,000 online course and has since added another 50,000 words during the Work in Progress course. She lives with her husband and a neurotic cocker spaniel called Wilfred Owen. A voracious reader, Steph describes herself as a poor poet, keen cook, rugby Mum and Granny.

When Steph was coming to the end of her Work in Progress novel-writing online course, it was a time of celebration and satisfaction, but she couldn’t help worrying that she’d lose contact with the large, supportive community she’d become part of over the last year. To remedy that, Stephanie began to record Write Club: The Podcast with her writing group, and form her own writerly community.

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