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Our structured and disciplined approach to teaching writing and storytelling online has been honed over many years and our experience allows us to help all learners develop their craft skills.

We develop and deliver courses ourselves in partnership with other organisations and individuals, turning expert knowledge or content into learning packages.

Our courses and publications are designed to be pedagogically sound and carefully structured to reflect our understanding and experience of the optimum way to deliver distance-learning. They can work for any level of learner, from recreational writers to Masters-level students.

This approach works for any subject where clear structured learning is required for groups of participants.

Courses can be configured according to client and audience need and delivered as:

  • Online courses – from one-off workshops to six-month experiences delivered via our interactive virtual classroom and incorporating text, video, visuals and audio
  • Mobile application content– Courses designed for mobile delivery, giving users the opportunity to learn on the move and make the most of location-inspired learning
  • Enhanced e-book content – Interactive books offering  practical courses designed using our learning model. Can be adapted for specific learning objectives.
  • One-to-one mentoring and manuscript review services with genre experts – for advanced writers wishing to develop a specific piece of work or aiming for publication.

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