How I found my imagination with ‘Creativity for Writers’

I am an artist by profession, yet I have a long-held secret dream in my heart of being a writer. Following a creative rut, I embarked on the ‘Creativity for Writers’ course.

Nicky Skinner

I do write, mostly in journals, and always from observation, reflecting the way I create art. I scribble out bits of poetry and prose on the wonders of nature on the page and paint beautiful landscapes on canvas.

So you could argue that doing a course to help creativity was not really necessary to me, but I had hit a deep, seemingly impassable, rut.

My biggest stumbling block is in using my imagination when I create. I struggle to let go, erring towards control and order.

I had so many ideas for fictional stories circulating in my head, but I could not see a clear way to get them onto the page.

My art was suffering too, I felt as if I was churning out the same old style, again and again, working for others and not for myself, losing interest and joy in the process. I could go no further on my current trajectory, so something needed to change. By serendipitous chance, a good friend of mine, a writer herself, suggested this online, 4-week course, Creativity for Writers, with the Professional Writing Academy.

In signing up I was stepping out of my comfort zone, yet it felt right if a bit scary. I was reticent about sharing my work, fearful of not being good enough, but after the first week, I realised that there was nothing to worry about.

What I had entered into, for four happy weeks, was a welcome space in which to let go without judgement, and in doing so I finally found my imagination.

Classes were launched on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which I could easily fit into my day, and I found that I was always eager for the next lesson, in fact, I even enjoyed sharing my words, which was a new experience!

Our tutor, Francesco Dimitri, had an enthusiasm for writing that was infectious, and his animated way of presenting the course was motivating. My fellow participants were all constructive and kind in their comments, as I was with them, and we developed a real interest in each other’s work as we progressed.

I cannot praise this course enough, I grew so much within it as a writer. It was a friendly online platform, easy to navigate, full of inspiring insights into unleashing creativity, and clever activities that made me question everything in new and interesting ways. During this time I learned to embrace chaos and to let go more within my writing practice.

Seeing that there is no right or wrong way to write really opened up my eyes to more ideas.

The control is found in establishing a writing ritual and routine, a safe space to let your mind and words free.

My sense of joy has been rekindled, and what started as a short story for the course homework has become part of an actual novel idea, which is unbelievably exciting.

This was definitely a great way to start believing in myself as a writer, and I feel sure that I will pursue further courses with Professional Writing Academy as I grow into that role; they supported, nurtured and inspired me, and for that, I am truly grateful.

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Nicky Skinner

Nicky Skinner is an artist who has been based in Cornwall for the last 4 years. She is now a full time creative, after spending many years balancing her art career alongside full time jobs in admin.

She studied Art with English Literature at university, loving both subjects, and has always written, but her focus has primarily been on her art until now.  She is a keen hiker, and can often be found trekking along the stunning Cornish coastline for inspiration, along with her dog, camera, sketchbook and notepad.

Nicky is looking to work on her writing more in the future. She recently completed Professional Writing Company’s Creativity for Writers online course, and now has the courage and passion to write her first ever novel.

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