Charlie Campbell

Charlie Campbell

Charlie Campbell heads up literary and marketing agency, Greyhound Literary.

He’s been a literary agent for over a decade, joining Ed Victor Ltd in 2005. He handled film, TV and serial rights for the agency’s clients, as well as helping launch the speakers bureau and digital publishing arm. He is interested in both fiction and non-fiction, with a particular focus on literary novels, thrillers and books that tackle big or quirky subjects in an accessible way. Before agenting, he spent three years at Literary Review, where he became Deputy Editor and ran the Bad Sex in Fiction Award. His book Scapegoat: A History of Blaming Other People was published by Duckworth in the UK and Overlook in the US, as well as in Russia, Thailand and Turkey.

In 2012, he and a group of writers revived the Authors XI, a literary cricket team that used to star PG Wodehouse and Arthur Conan Doyle. Under his captaincy the Authors have toured India and Sri Lanka and, in 2013, they defeated the national side of Japan. In the same year, their book, The Authors XI: A Season of English Cricket from Hackney to Hambledon, was published by Bloomsbury. It was shortlisted for the Cricket Society and MCC Book of the Year award. Charlie has just published Herding Cats: The Art of Amateur Captaincy about his experiences captaining the Authors side.

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