• The Writing a Novel course has been invaluable to me as a fledgling writer, and I’d like to thank everyone – it’s been great fun and completely enlightening!

  • I went to the Help page and it is brilliant – your online classroom is really well designed. Until now, I have never used a ‘Help’ section that actually helped!

  • I am very much enjoying the John Yorke screenwriting course. Although I have read a number of scriptwriting books, only when you sit down and apply the concepts do you really start to get under the skin of how important structure is to stories.

  • I have really enjoyed the Getting Started Intensive course – and I now have a lot more confidence to carry on writing. Thank you to all involved.

  • I’ve learned so much on John Yorke’s course – I understand what elements are required to make a story tick. I’ve somehow absorbed those over the duration of the course to the point where they feel really natural and intuitive; I find myself watching movies and picking them out time after time.

  • I am amazed at how well you structured (pun intended) the screenwriting course. I loved every minute of it, even when I banged my head bloody trying to do the assignments! I suffered from creative block for a long time, and this course got me out if it.

  • John Yorke’s course has been an amazing experience. I stand here at the end a changed woman. The thing I found most difficult was coming up with an idea. But, wow, once you’ve got the story you are away – and to my amazement it kind of wrote itself. I had a blast.

  • Tom Bromley has been a wonderfully astute tutor and I will happily sing his praises to anyone in need of kind but true writing advice. I am so grateful.

  • David Roden’s suggestions are so insightful on the Storytelling for Screen course. I wish I could steal his brain and put it on my desk next to my computer for instant feedback whenever I sit down to write!

  • The Storytelling for Screen course is spectacularly good and I’d love to stay with PWA and take another class.

  • The Writing a Novel course has been deeply engaging and satisfying. The tutor, Kris, has been great: very focused, right on the point, fair, quick, positive wherever possible – just right. The rhythm and the course design are absolutely right for productive, exciting work.

  • One of the things I find so great about the Getting Started Intensive course is having fellow students look at my work with fresh eyes and an objective viewpoint. It enables them to zoom in on areas I have not been happy with and give suggestions/provide alternatives that immediately work.

  • I found the Getting Started course totally enlightening and inspiring.

  • Watching the film with the prompt sheet was like watching with a fresh pair of eyes, as if I was watching it for the first time. Far from seeming like homework or some sort of exercise I enjoyed it all the more.

  • When I come to write my own screenplays, I hope to think in this new way.  Paying attention like this, I’m completely re-learning how I watch films.

  • I have been looking all my writing life for just the kind of detailed, attentive advice tutor Tom Bromley provided in his feedback on my novel – and it is just what I need.

  • Kris Kenway’s candid feedback via podcast was clear, refreshing and helpful. His depth of understanding of my novel was amazing and his advice taken with thanks. I look forward to working with him again.

  • My writing has come on in leaps and bounds, from simple grammar, punctuation and formatting to showing not telling. I already had the idea but wasn’t sure how to execute it, and this is exactly what the course did for me.

  • I took this course because every winter I spend six months in South Africa. I’m completing the course in the UK, which demonstrates the value of this internet course.

  • The group have all been fantastic and supportive. I’ve learnt not only from their reviews of my writing; reading other people’s comments on each others’ work has been instructive, too.

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