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  • I’d never considered POV or narrative voice until this week’s Beginners’ Fiction session and I found the experience challenging but invaluable. I doubt I’ll be able to read my favourite novels again without changing the narrative voice in the most powerful passages to see how it affects me as the reader and also, to consider […]

  • I’m a journalist and documentary-maker so I have quite a lot of experience with pitching. However, I had never never thought about my pitches in terms of story elements, story structure – I’ve always just done them on instinct and judging them on whether they read well. So I’m finding John and Peter’s Factual TV […]

  • I’ve really enjoyed the learning process throughout Storytelling for Screen and am now more aware of when something is missing or not working in a script and why that might be. Before it might be a gut feeling, but now I’ve got the tools, the problem solving is much more tangible.

  • I enjoyed the process of writing a treatment, and it made me realise what I’d been doing wrong with my previous scripts. I’ve loved doing the Storytelling for Screen course with John Yorke. I’m going to miss it.

  • It is incredibly helpful to have the other participants on the Short Story course read and make comments on my work each week – and in such a supportive way.

  • The John Yorke Story course has given me a practice which will be invaluable as I find my fiction-writing feet.

  • Thank you so much to Tom Bromley for the wonderful report at the end of the Writing a Novel course, which I will find very helpful for rewriting.

  • My real end goal with the Beginner’s Fiction course is to no longer think in the confines of a spreadsheet. I think the work we do so often define us and taking on a new creative pursuit will hopefully free up a new space in my mind.

  • I’m beginning to see the pitfalls in my work much more clearly thanks to the Faber Academy Writing a Novel course – and so the points for improvement that tutor Tom Bromley mentioned in his final report come as no surprise. What’s great is the way in which he has clarified my thoughts, and pulled […]

  • I have found it incredibly useful to have feedback from Tom and my peers on the Writing a Novel course. Without that you get too immersed in your own style and can’t see where you need to expand, cut down, and just plain cut.

  • I’m really enjoying the Writing a Novel course, and the feedback and comments are so valuable. I find myself constantly thinking about my storyline and many of the others on our course!

  • I’m thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the Introduction to Writing Crime Fiction course, and the added bonus of feedback from a tutor/crime writer is a real highlight.

  • Starting the Writing a Novel course has changed my approach to writing. Before I would write without necessarily thinking about how and what I was writing. Now I find that the re-reading and editing process helps me to correct and write more logically as well as ensure more internal consistency in the draft. So when […]

  • I think the Writing a Novel course has made me more sanguine about criticism – I don’t allow it to defeat me. You have to think whether the criticism is valid (which it mainly is) and if so, make changes. Maybe there are parts you decide to defend, but then you still need to make […]

  • The Faber Academy Beginners’ Fiction course has definitely given me more to think about when creating a character. And helped me realize where some of my past characters were lacking.

  • I’ve got a lot out of doing the Getting Started Writing Fiction course, not least that I’m enjoying writing – and reading – more than I have for a long time.

  • I know I wouldn’t have been able to write a whole short story before taking the Getting Started course, and I feel that I have learned how to shape my writing better.

  • Five-act structure completely blew my mind when I first read Into The Woods and now, putting it into analytical practice, I find it impossibly perfect for my writing style and to help strengthen my weaknesses.

  • Finally, I have delivered the treatment I didn’t think I could write.

  • I can’t believe how much we’ve learnt on the course, from each other and from David Roden. Time has flown by, testament to how enjoyable the  course has been.