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  • I’ve got a lot out of doing the Getting Started Writing Fiction course, not least that I’m enjoying writing – and reading – more than I have for a long time.

  • I know I wouldn’t have been able to write a whole short story before taking the Getting Started course, and I feel that I have learned how to shape my writing better.

  • Five-act structure completely blew my mind when I first read Into The Woods and now, putting it into analytical practice, I find it impossibly perfect for my writing style and to help strengthen my weaknesses.

  • Finally, I have delivered the treatment I didn’t think I could write.

  • I can’t believe how much we’ve learnt on the course, from each other and from David Roden. Time has flown by, testament to how enjoyable the  course has been.

  • I’ve noticed an enormous change in how I read since beginning the Getting Started course. I’ve just re-read a couple of books, and it’s like reading them anew. I am noticing different kinds of things, and reading much more carefully than I used to.

  • Taking the Getting Started course made me realise that knowing the end of a story before beginning to write helps enormously. I also realised the importance of structuring your writing in advance, so there’s a sense of organisation before actually writing. I really have learned an enormous amount, and I’m so pleased I decided to […]

  • I’ve absolutely noticed my reading changing as I work through the Getting Started course. It’s like I’m looking at all the detail in close up. That’s one of the reasons I’m enjoying the course.

  • I will keep doing these writing exercises long after this course is finished.

  • I have never understood story structure with such clarity.

  • I absolutely loved the scene-analysis exercises in the Storytelling for Screen course. Doing this course is really showing me how much I adore writing and all the nuts and bolts of it. I honestly feel like writing is a language and that scenes are the grammar and now I’m actually learning the ‘rules’ of writing, […]

  • I didn’t have a clear vision of my character before I started to work through the prompt sheet on the Getting Started course, but as I went along, he became more and more lifelike. He almost wrote the piece himself. I was amazed how much difference this exercise made to my writing.

  • If it wasn’t for the Writing a Novel course, I wouldn’t have thought enough about how reflecting on other writers’s work can really push forward my own writing. I very much appreciate the confidence boost; it spurs me on!

  • Part of the problem with my novel idea was that it had too many strands and possible main characters, and therefore lacked focus. Having to sum up the storyline in 25 words on the Writing a Novel course forced me to decide who the main character really is.

  • Without doing the Exploring Genres course, I wouldn’t have had an idea for a crime novel, which I plan to continue while finishing the first draft of my historical novel. This was the reason I did the course, and I now have many more skills to make it possible.

  • In Session 3 of the Storytelling for Screen course I’m beginning to see exactly where I make the same mistakes over and over again when I plan stories. I feel like I’ve had a bit of a ‘Eureka!’ moment.

  • I’m really finding it very valuable reading other people’s pieces and critiquing them too – it’s just as valuable to analyse someone else’s piece as your own – and the different styles of writing on the Getting Started course are incredibly eye-opening to me. I love the diversity of the work produced so far.

  • I have loved every minute of the last few weeks on the Storytelling for Screen course, facing the increasingly challenging tasks set and absorbing more information than I thought possible. Thanks to everyone involved, this has been a fabulous learning experience.

  • Thanks for everyone’s brilliant help and encouragement on the Writing a Novel course. It’s been a privilege working with such talented (and lovely) writers.

  • Doing the 2012 course gave me the invaluable gift of confidence, in the sense that I am now no longer shy about showing my work to other people (even strangers when I enter competitions). That is a huge step when you want to be a proper writer. You have to put your baby out there, […]

Into the Woods Storytelling for Screen course: 16 weeks online. Starts 29 June 2015. Few places left.

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