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  • The pitches on the Writing a Novel course have got to be the most difficult writing exercises I have ever completed.  They are also the most valuable, because now I finally understand what my story is about.

  • I absolutely love our Faber Academy alumni writing group and am so thrilled to watch everyone’s characters and stories grow too. I’ve been at my desk since 7.30am this morning. It’s now 9.30pm and I will probably be here for another hour or two and even though I’m so tired from the demands of life […]

  • I am finding the feedback from peers on the Writing a Novel course to be both helpful and energising. I just had a very thoughtful critique from my paired writing partner for the session, and am immensely grateful.

  • I have found this Writing a Novel course group, the deadlines, sense of support and responsibility, extremely motivating.

  • Before the Writing a Novel course, I always wanted to write and did nothing about it – probably like thousands of other people. Now we’re 6,000 words in to our novels, already further than a lot of people will ever get. We can do it!

  • It’s been an absolutely fabulous experience completing John Yorke’s brilliant, insightful and inspiring course. I can’t fail to have improved as a writer and storyteller for having taken part in it. I would without any reservation highly recommend this exceptional and highly enjoyable experience to any writer.  

  • I feel I’ve come a long way from where I started on the Writing a Novel course – both in terms of the way I’m writing and in terms of plot and story. I’m so appreciative of all the feedback I’m getting.

  • The biggest thing I have got out of the Create Brilliant Characters course is the really helpful criticism. I don’t tend to show people any writing – and especially not writers themselves – so I have found the comments from my peers really really helpful.

  • I’ve loved the Beginners’ Fiction course and really appreciated all the feedback – just wish the course was longer!

  • The first online course I’ve ever done turns out to be the best writing course I’ve ever done (and I’ve done lots of brilliant ones). Created and taught by Anne Taylor and Victoria Field, the Introduction to Reflective and Therapeutic Writing is a rich and varied adventure into personal archaeology and cartography. You will dig […]

  • I signed on to the Beginners’ Fiction course after reading a piece by James Lee Burke, who said that he learnt more from a short creative writing course, than he could ever have by floundering around on his own. That’s definitely true from my point of view.

  • The Factual TV course was fantastic. I really feel like I’ve learned so much about crafting effective and emotive storylines. The feedback from David Roden, John Yorke and Peter Dale alone is invaluable. I would recommend this to anyone interested in understanding narratives and who would benefit from industry advice.

  • The Factual TV course with John Yorke and Peter Dale has been a wonderful experience on all fronts, and I feel so lucky to have shared it with such a talented and motivated group of people – they inspired me with each and every post.

  • The Factual TV course with John Yorke and Peter Dale  has been truly transformative to the way that I frame and structure my stories. I have been really touched by the genuinely supportive and encouraging atmosphere on the forums from fellow learners and tutors.

  • The Beginners’ Fiction course exercises are great at getting us to really focus on one particular aspect of writing, and of course it’s making me write every day which is really good.

  • The Short Story course materials and structure would be difficult to better. Most importantly, the quality of Mark’s evaluation and feedback on the work submitted has been both encouraging and almost forensically helpful. He unfailingly provided useful guidance on how to work through problematic areas and did a great job of encouraging peer feedback. I […]

  • Tom Bromley taught me more about my writing in one podcast than I’ve been taught in my whole life.

  • The discipline of the Beginners’ Fiction course is helping me immensely; I’m writing much more regularly than before.

  • Last night was probably the 15th time I’ve watched Aliens – and yet with John Yorke’s five story stages firmly planted in my head I watched it with a fresh pair of eyes. And the film followed these points to a tee. I just wanted to point out the obvious: just how much John and […]

  • I’d never considered POV or narrative voice until this week’s Beginners’ Fiction session and I found the experience challenging but invaluable. I doubt I’ll be able to read my favourite novels again without changing the narrative voice in the most powerful passages to see how it affects me as the reader and also, to consider […]

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