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  • I’m really finding it very valuable reading other people’s pieces and critiquing them too – it’s just as valuable to analyse someone else’s piece as your own – and the different styles of writing on the Getting Started course are incredibly eye-opening to me. I love the diversity of the work produced so far.

  • I have loved every minute of the last few weeks on the Storytelling for Screen course, facing the increasingly challenging tasks set and absorbing more information than I thought possible. Thanks to everyone involved, this has been a fabulous learning experience.

  • Thanks for everyone’s brilliant help and encouragement on the Writing a Novel course. It’s been a privilege working with such talented (and lovely) writers.

  • Doing the 2012 course gave me the invaluable gift of confidence, in the sense that I am now no longer shy about showing my work to other people (even strangers when I enter competitions). That is a huge step when you want to be a proper writer. You have to put your baby out there, […]

  • I have really enjoyed the Getting Started online course and have felt truly alive while writing  – and reading the work of others.

  • I’m going to miss the Getting Started: Writing Fiction course so much. In six weeks I’ve gone from being terrified to share my writing to looking forward to posting it up for others to read, so a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way!

  • It has been a real pleasure doing the Getting Started: Writing Fiction course with this group. I really wasn’t sure about the format when it began, but I have learned so much from reading everyone’s pieces and their feedback, not just to me but across all our work.

  • The online Writing a Novel course gets 10 stars for flexibility and user-friendliness, but even more for thoughtful structuring and teaching. I can’t quite believe how far I’ve advanced.

  • The Storytelling for Screen course has been a fantastic experience and has taught me loads.

  • It is so interesting to see each writer’s personal experiences and perspectives coming out in their pieces. I’ve learned on the Getting Started Intensive that what might seem routine or everyday to you as a writer can appear new and fresh to another reader.

  • I am loving the Getting Started course; the content and structure are excellent. I am learning as much from reading everybody’s else’s work and critiques as I am from writing – and from trying to form coherent critiques of my own.

  • It’s so interesting to see the different responses to writing exercises from others on the Getting Started course – I have been enjoying the little snippets coming through on my phone!

  • Until now I have made random or intuitive choices when choosing what voice to use when writing fiction. The Getting Started Writing Fiction course has made me more conscious of the background reasons underpinning these choices.

  • I feel truly privileged to be part of such a talented group of writers (Faber Academy Getting Started Intensive). The standard of the student critiques has also been remarkable and I have learnt something from each one of them.

  • As an avid reader I am in my element seeing how many ideas and stories have been created in week 1 alone of the Faber Academy Getting Started Writing Intensive!

  • I’m still learning the craft and never 100% happy with what I’ve written, but am finding the Faber Academy lessons and coursework invaluable long after completing the course. I recently came across my very first draft of a story, written before I discovered Faber, and am so very, very glad that I took those courses!

  • Thanks to David Roden for all the kind and insightful words in the notes – and special thanks to John Yorke for his feedback on my treatment and for requesting to read the script. As an aspiring screenwriter, it means a massive amount to hear this stuff from people of such experience. Plus, being outside […]

  • Huge thanks to Tom Bromley for his guidance and support. The Writing a Novel course has been amazing, and I can’t believe it’s passed by so quickly!

  • I can’t thank the reviewer enough for this excellent critique. I am determined to implement the suggestions. This is I the first time I feel encouraged as now I can see all that is wrong. This may sound topsy turvey but you need your doubts confirmed by an expert and I have my doubts but […]

  • The Exploring Genre course has been amazing – a real eye opener as you read and write all sorts of things you might never have chosen otherwise. If you struggle to produce anything without a looming deadline, this course is really an excellent place to go after Getting Started. Very very highly recommended.

Into the Woods Storytelling for Screen course: short 10-week INTENSIVE. Starts 15 April.

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