If you have to write for your job, get some training

More people than ever do copywriting as part of their job — yet most have zero training. Piers Alder, tutor and consultant on our Write Better at Work course, explains how writing effective and persuasive marketing copy boosts the impact of your business.

Piers Alder
Piers Alder

If you’re a marketing manager for small or medium-sized businesses, there isn’t necessarily the budget to buy the services of a professional copywriter for every piece of marketing that goes out.

So you have a go yourself, because it can’t be that hard, right?

It’s a mistake, and a costly one, because in an era of instant choice people judge you immediately on how you come across. Your look and your voice are key to whether those judgements are positive or negative.

An uninspired, clichéd and clunky bit of writing will lose you money.

So what’s the solution?

Develop your writing skills online

There’s a simple way to improve your writing skills without having to take time off work. You can learn in your own time by taking a short online course that will introduce you to the basics of marketing writing and make your copy shine.

I was looking for was a basic introduction to aspects of marketing that you could apply immediately with an emphasis on practice rather than theory only. Piers gave us a toolkit with which we can tackle any aspect of marketing writing — and I now have this at my disposal to use at any time.

– Write Better at Work student

Learn from industry experts

Write Better at Work has been developed by the Professional Writing Academy with business writing consultant Piers Alder.

Piers knows from experience where marketing writing and copywriting fails, and will help you transform your writing from blah to brilliant with some simple tricks and techniques.

He’ll show you how to craft effective marketing materials and develop your understanding of the right tone and approach to use in your business communications.

All the exercises are based on ones he developed and honed in his highly successful face-to-face training sessions. This stuff delivers results.

During the four-week course, you’ll work through a series of carefully structured sessions, following Pier’s guidance. After each session, you’ll have the opportunity to try out what you’ve learned, and get feedback on your work.

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Meet your Course Director

Piers Alder

Piers Alder

Piers is a copywriter who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK (Audi, Lloyds Bank) and some of the smallest (the local organic farmer).

He’s happy writing at length — for example web content or a video script — but particularly enjoys dreaming up headlines, slogans and company names. He also trains other people to write more memorably, drawing on his own daily struggle to put the best words in the best order.

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